Natural Face Lift

HIFU - Face

Combination of Radio Frequency & Ultrasound

An non-invasive alternative to surgical face-lift, ideal to tighten neck, jawlines, jowls and eyes.

This technology has been used in Aesthetic clinics for years and has improved year after year. The main aim is to deliver a localised direct increase in temperature to the skin to penetrate energy to the lower dermis and cause a thermal trauma to the desired area. This, in turn, stimulates the body’s natural inflammatory response to our advantage, as the natural response is to produce fibroblasts which are the precursors that simulate the desirable production of elastin and collagen in our skin.

HIFU - Treatments Areas

Each client is individual and therefore have different areas they would like to focus on.  From experience, these are the most common areas. Eyes: Which includes upper and lower eye area, great of dropping eye lips, bags under eyes and crows feet. Half Face: The most popular, as the full neck, under the chin and jowl area. Full Face: Neck, chin, jowls, cheeks, eyes and forehead

How does HIFU it work?

  • HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound, by combining the power of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency its designed to lift and tighten skin safely.
  • The energy is precisely penetrated to the deeper depths and to higher temperatures to treat beyond the epidermis and down to the dermis, which are the foundation layers and where structural weakening often starts.
  • Temperatures up to 75°c are achieved within the cell to promote an instant inflammatory response which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for skin tightening.
  • Our natural inflammatory response will begin to stimulate its wound healing which results in a long-term lifting and tightening effect that can last for years making it an option for the natural youthful look, with the benefit of being able to maintain facial expression.

Due to the natural nature of this treatment, we can work closely around the eye area, tighten the upper lids to produce that brow lift and firm the lower eye skin which reduces the fines lines and bags we commonly want to reduce. This is a comfortable, safe and efficient treatment for firming and toning the face and neck.

Jen Eyes Only
Jen - HIFU Half Face
Jen - Hifu Full face

Frequently Asked Questions for Face -  HIFU

Are the treatments safe and do they hurt?

Yes the treatments are safe,  however, the is a medium to uncomfortable rating to HIFU treatments.  The pain is like a prickly heat, its last a very short period of time and can build through the treatments. During the treatment, the energy can be reduced to help with the comfort rating.

Are the results permanent?

The results will last as long as it takes for you naturally age so regular maintenance treatments are recommended but not essential. Your skin will not sag more after the treatment you tend to just noticed it more.

Which HIFU treatments is right for me?

Yes, there are a lot of different types of treatments & technologies available, so we recommend a complimentary consult to assess your skin, mainly to discuss your goals and explain the types of treatments that will work for you based on your commitment and potential costs involved before you start.

As each person has different skin and are at various times of their lives so we will discuss the protocol at your consultation and on a continuous basis. Your bespoke treatment programme will be design based on your personal goals and how well your skin reacts to the treatments.

What areas do you treat?


  • Small area: Under Eyes, Crows feets, Brow, and Forehead
  • Half Face: Neck, Jaw line, Jowls, Cheeks
  • Full Face: Neck, Jaw Line, Jowls, Cheeks, Under Eyes, Crows feets, Brow, and Forehead
Are these treatments for men and women?

Yes they suit both Male & Female

How many sessions do I need?

Totally depends on the treatment area, your skin, and nutrition. However generally 3 x treatments per body area, 1 per month with a 3 month rest before doing same area again. for the Face every 12 weeks, so the maximum of 4 per year. However, the best results come from combination treatments as only having HIFU Face 3 times per year as combined with Micro-Skin Needling the tone of the skin is also improved with that treatment too.

Will I feel or experience any side effects after a treatment?

There are no negative side effects to skin tightening treatments, you will feel an initial plumping on the skin which will last for about 3 days, this will reduce down and you will then notice the actual firming effect around 2 weeks, this is the time it takes for your natural inflammatory response to produce the collagen and elastin in your dermis.

How long does it take before I will see a difference?

Depends on the condition of your skin, some see an instant lift and others can take up to 2-12 weeks to show the full potential, it really does depends on your quality of skin, hydration levels and your nutrition.

Can have Face Treatment and HIFU Face treatment at the same time?

Yes you can, it’s an ideal chance to improve the quality of skin at the same time as the tone.

Can I have Face and Body HIFU at same time?

Yes you can, it will take about 2 hours to complete both and it is a comfortable treatment. However, I do not recommend more than one body area when having face done in the same session.